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Trusted Services' digital planning, communication, and collaboration platform for your Board Activity Management, and seamlessly integrated with our optional SmartSign module for eSignatures.

Empowering Boards and Leadership Teams of Tomorrow

Board.Vision is designed for excellent ease of use by all Board stakeholders including Directors, Corporate Secretaries, Managers and even Auditors.

Introducing Board.Vision

Board.Vision Digital Board Activity Management software portal SAAS

Collaborative Decision Making,
Quicker & Easier.

electronic signatures

Electronic Signatures

Act securely on resolutions with electronic signatures and multi-factor authentication.

secure access

Secure Access

Built for secure, collaborative planning and decision-making, anytime, anywhere.

legal compliance

Legal Compliance

Meets business, legal and regulatory requirements now and in the future.

smart meeting scheduler

Smart Meeting Scheduler

Quicker scheduling with Smart Meeting Scheduler.

access to multiple boards

Access to Multiple Boards

Manage multiple boards from one application with one set of credentials.



Reduce paper waste and improve your carbon footprint, while contributing to the 2030 Agenda

for Sustainable Development.

Start empowering your boards and leadership teams to champion good governance today!

Start empowering your boards and leadership teams today!

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