At Trusted Services, we value innovative ideas. Our teams invest in new, simple, smart, effective and intelligent ideas that translate to products that add value to your lives.

Board.Vision makes collaborative decision making quicker than ever! Tailor made to enable effective governance and efficient compliance. Board.Vision is developed in collaboration with end users to understand and optimize the collaborative decision-making process.  

Perks.Vision is our highly versatile system which integrates automated modules into a complete perks and benefits management system. Perks.Vision helps you manage, administer, exercise and track all types of benefits and incentives across your organization.

Deep Identity provides comprehensive and unique solutions to address identity governance and administration (IGA), compliance management and data governance requirements. It offers a layered approach that enables better visibility and controls, ultimately automating compliance management in a cost-effective manner.

NoqNoq is our cloud-based QR code visitor registration system. The system allows administrators to contact-trace location, time and date easily, without needing to pay an external party to do it for them.  

TrustPoll is our patented electronic poll voting system gives you a seamless end to end polling process. Fast, accurate, real-time registration and poll voting with prompt results display, with the ability to generate more than 10 comprehensive reports.  

SharePlan helps you manage, administer, exercise and track all types of share/cash incentives without the need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure and licenses. SharePlan is now Perks.Vision.

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