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NoqNoq - A Visitor Registration System

This week, COVID19's toll passed 3000 with over 50 countries now with reported cases. Amidst a slumping hashtag#economy and travel restrictions, its important for companies to continue focusing on operating business as usual. Company's are creating and adopting simple innovations to battle the virus on the ground! Here are a few we found very interesting! https://better.sg/ - volunteer-run non-profit group set up Mask Go Share, a website that connects people with extra masks and hand sanitisers to those who need them. https://www.noqnoq.app/ - An easy to use, cheap QR centric visitor registration system that is being adopted by companies and buildings. The cloud based visitor registration system is easy to implement and allows businesses to contact-trace location, time and date easily, without needing to pay an external party to do it for them. iThermo - A cheap and portable new artificial intelligence-powered system by the Integrated Health Information System (IHiS) and healthcare technology company Kronikare for scanning body temperatures. This is designed to save time and queues in office buildings. What innovations and changes are you adopting?

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