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Meeting between Trusted Services and a client

We are an established
Corporate Business Service provider, serving some of the most prominent enterprises in Singapore.

Trusted Services is a Temasek Management Services Company.

Our Trusted Clients

Trusted Corporate Business Solutions for your needs

At TSV, our premium and professional services build on decades of experience are supported by innovative solutions. This is how we help customers achieve their desired outcomes.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We help businesses handle their statutory and governance compliance needs so as to enable the business owners to focus on their commercial operations.

Our team of seasoned corporate secretaries plays fiduciary, advisory and administrative roles for our clients. Our corporate secretaries support the corporate governance processes of a company, enabling its board of directors and management to focus on the running of the business.

Happy Employees

Digital Solutions

Board.Vision Digital Board Management Software and Portal (SaaS)


Premium board management tool that enables quicker and more collaborative decision making.

Designed for collaborative decision-making, anytime and anywhere.

SharePlan.Vision Employee Share stock option plan (SaaS)


Online employee share plan

and options system (SaaS)

Cloud-based, fully automated, and versatile. Used by some of Singapore’s leading listed companies.

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